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Where will your money go?

TELL, an accredited not-for-profit organization (NPO) with a 45‐year history to the international and Japanese community in Japan, operates a telephone Lifeline, as well as confidential mental health support and counseling services. TELL Lifeline receives approximately 6,000 calls a year from all over Japan, of which roughly 60 percent come from Japanese citizens and 40 percent from Japan-resident foreigners.

TELL are aiming to take their Lifeline service 24 hours 7 days a week by 2019. Your fundraising support will help train phone counsellors, launch and grow our online chat service and expand our volunteer base and support services to people all over Japan.

Due to past support of TELL events and a kind donation from Morrison & Foerester the TELL Lifeline will initiate its first 24 hour online chat shift this World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10th. This will then proceed each and every Saturday. Thank you to everyone for their support in helping hit this milestone.

How to setup your fundraising


CrowdRise is the online sponsorship platform we recommend for the TELL Tokyo Tower Climb. It’s quick to set up and simple to use. Just click the CrowdRise button below and start your fundraiser on our event page!
• Your friends, colleagues and family can sponsor you easily

• You can keep track of donations

• No need to use a sponsorship form

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I’ve set up my page. What do I do next?

Once you’ve set up your fundraiser page from the CrowdRise event page, there are a number of things you can do:

• Personalize it by adding a photo and a bit of background about why you’re supporting the event.

• Share the link via Facebook, Twitter and email to let everyone know what you’re doing.


Fundraising tip!

See if you can persuade the person you believe will be most generous to be the first donor to your CrowdRise page. That sets the bar high for everyone else, and it’s a competitive world out there!