Corporate Cup

Corporate Cup

What is the Corporate Cup?

The corporate cup is a team race event allowing corporate supporters to challenge each other in both fundraising and fastest time.

There are incentives for being the winner of either categories where your efforts will be announced at the prize giving. Along with the on the day incentives and prizes if you win you’ll also get a trophy allowing you and your team official bragging rights!

A team consists of 4 people and your team time will be calculated as the average of the 4 climbers.

Why enter the Corporate Cup?

Your experience will include:

  • Team photo
  • Corporate logo on display at event and on event website
  • A chance to race, and beat competitors or clients!
  • Trophies for the champions


The entry fee for this category is ¥15,000 per team of 4. Team’s are then required to raise a minimum of ¥70,000 per team to be eligible to participate in the challenge.

Once you have registered on our website one of our team members will be in touch.


Fundraising for teams is done through the CrowdRise platform, it’s super quick and easy. Please follow this link to set up your team and share, share, share!

Where will your money go?

TELL, an accredited not-for-profit organization (NPO) with a 45‐year history to the international and Japanese community in Japan, operates a telephone Lifeline, as well as confidential mental health support and counseling services. TELL Lifeline receives approximately 6,000 calls a year from all over Japan, of which roughly 60 percent come from Japanese citizens and 40 percent from Japan-resident foreigners.

TELL are aiming to take their Lifeline service 24 hours 7 days a week by 2019. Your fundraising support will help train phone counsellors, launch and grow our online chat service and expand our volunteer base and support services to people all over Japan.